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IBI Announces its 2020 Agenda

We are pleased to report that IBI has just completed our most successful year on record and will be expanding staff and initiatives in 2020 to bring greater value to our members. As we begin 2020, we wanted to highlight the program the Board of Directors recently adopted that will guide our 2020 activities and significantly enhance the value of your membership. Program features include:

IBI’s 2020 Research Agenda

IBI’s research will address critical areas of health and productivity including:

  • The full impact of consumer-driven health plans on medication adherence, health care and workforce productivity
  • Linking health and productivity to business performance measures
  • How CFOs’ understand health benefits and their impact on business value
  • The role of preventative screenings in reducing the health and productivity burden of preventable and treatable high-cost conditions
  • The health and productivity implications for employees who provide care for chronically ill family members
  • Paid parental and family leave policies and its broader implications for business performance
  • The risk of workers’ compensation and short-term disability claims associated with osteoarthritis

Click here for more details on the research topics.

Improvements to Benchmarking and Tools

IBI will enhance its various data and research products by:

Click here for more information on benchmarking and tools.

Forum and Educational Opportunities

IBI is expanding and improving its member engagement opportunities through the following avenues:

  • Partnering with Conference Board for the second Fall 2020 health and productivity Forum
  • Holding three regional events across the country with a focus on biosimilars, behavioral health and data/analytics for employers
  • Increasing IBINext membership and participation in substantive activities
  • Hosting monthly webinars on 2020 research reports and IBI tools

Click here for more information on the Forum and educational opportunities.

Development and Growth of IBIBridge

IBI has created IBIBridge, an online community platform for employers to connect and learn from peers and subject matter experts about a wide range of workforce health productivity issues. Efforts around this program will focus on:

  • Enhancing the IBIBridge technology platform
  • Conducting four Virtual Roundtables driven by employer members’ priorities discussed in IBIBridge
  • Gaining insights from employers about what’s important and why
  • Enhancing user participation and value

Click here for more information on IBIBridge.

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