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On January 18, the Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) gathered a panel of Human Resource executives from Facebook, Adobe and Intuit to share their differing perspectives and experiences designing, implementing and evaluating Paid Parental Leave (PPL) policies. The three Silicon Valley companies are on the cutting edge of PPL, which was once considered a boutique policy but has lately been widely covered in the national news.

Although PPL remains top of mind for Human Resource executives and policy-makers, there’s a dearth of “best-in-practice” guidelines for this burgeoning issue. Through IBI’s lively panel discussion, the audience of Human Resource and benefits professionals learned that there’s no right answer when it comes to PPL, and listening to unique business and employee needs is the best way to hone in on the right fit for your company. Organizations may be inspired by high-profile media announcements about the benefits offered by competitors, but panelists stressed the importance of individualizing and shaping policies to fulfill the range of needs that exist within a given company.

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