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Research review keeps you up to date with the latest peer-reviewed work on health and productivity. Here’s a sample of what caught our attention that you may have missed in October.

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“A substantial number of women physicians working in a variety of specialties at all levels of training across the United States needed and wanted more support for maternity leave and return to work.”

Family Leave and Return-to-Work Experiences of Physician Mothers

JAMA Network Open

“Reviewing 50 peer-reviewed, mostly good quality studies, researchers find that ‘compared with employees with normal weight, individuals with obesity missed more time from work and worked less productively, resulting in higher indirect costs.’ ”

Productivity loss due to overweight and obesity: a systematic review of indirect costs

BMJ Open

“A workplace ban on sugar-sweetened beverages, along with a motivational intervention, reduced participants’ sugar intake and waist circumference.”

Association of a Workplace Sales Ban on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages With Employee Consumption of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Health

JAMA Internal Medicine

“Exhaustion and burnout among Swedish employees were not associated with more absence—but did predict higher levels of impairment on the job.”

Exhaustion and Impaired Work Performance in the Workplace: Associations With Presenteeism and Absenteeism.



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