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May is Mental Health Awareness Month, the right time to learn how mental illness and job stress may affect your employees, their performance and your business.

One in four Americans is affected by mental illness each year, and the World Health Organization says depression will be the costliest disease burden by 2020. When it comes to mental health, IBI’s research has shown a strong relationship between workplace climate, employee health and work outcomes such as absence and job performance. Specifically, we found that as mental health symptoms worsen job performance declines – and those performance declines are exacerbated by unsupportive work climates. Here are some key IBI resources to help you see the big picture:

At IBI’s 2016 Forum, four presentations focused on mental health issues, from depression in Tennessee to well-being in Texas, highlighting how employers can support mental health and improve attendance, performance and return to work. The below resources identify the strategies, successes, and challenges employers have had in minimizing workplace stress, implementing programs that identify and treat depression, and encourage a culture of mental well-being. Download the presentations here:

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