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The IBI Labs’ Early Stage Health Care and Employee Benefit Technology session offered selected technology companies the unique and valuable opportunity to present to IBI members and attendees at the IBI Forum on March 12, 2018 at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco.

IBI Labs teamed up with Windancer Technologies, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based healthcare technology and services company. The collaboration identified some of the area’s most exciting companies developing technologies, solutions and services focused on improving employee health, wellbeing, productivity and, ultimately, workforce performance.

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  • Nuna – Nate Stokes, Director, Client Services
    • Data Analytics - Developed proprietary technologies and analytics that help large, self-insured employers, and health plans improve quality of care for their populations.
  • B-Wom – Estrella Jaramillo, CEO
    • Female Health - Developed personalized care plans to prevent or reverse the intimate health problems and symptoms that female employees encounter during their career.
  • Kiio – Lydia Zeller, VP, Product Strategy
    • Low Back Pain Management - Digital healthcare company focused on improving the lives of those suffering from low back pain by providing individualized, convenient, personal and effective care through a cloud-backed mobile experience.
  • X2AI - Michiel Rauws, CEO
    • Mental Health Care - Affordable, scalable, cloud-based mental health care support platform that uses psychological artificial intelligence chatbot to help employees.
  • 10Rule. - Gary Morais, CEO
    • Employee Performance - A cloud based platform and science based metrics that provide a new preventive behavioral healthcare solutions for greater wellbeing and productivity.
  • VIM – Oron Afek, CEO
    • Optimizing Employee and Family Care - VIM helps people get the information they need at the moment they need it, so they can make the best decision about their care and the care of their family.
  • Linkup – Kevin Grauman, CEO
    • Leadership and Workforce Optimization - A dynamic enterprise-class system that heightens awareness of self and others while enhancing interactions.
  • Innovu – Ned Laubachner, VP, Strategy
    • Benefits Analytics - Cloud-based data analytic solutions that unlock actionable knowledge so employers can solve complex problems mitigating risk while optimizing quality, cost, and efficiency of benefits and risk programs.
  • Cardinal Analytx – Amit Kaushal, Associate Chief Medical Officer
    • Data Analytics - Uses cutting edge Cost BloomTM machine learning methods to predict those who aren't yet, but are likely to become next year's new high cost.
  • HeartMath – Robert Massy, Director, Healthcare Division
    • Stress Management - Mobile technologies and analytics that help employees bring their physical, mental and emotional systems into balanced alignment with their heart’s rhythm.
  • Circle Of – Mike Jordan, CEO
    • Employee Well-Being - Enterprise platform to help employees balance care-giving responsibilities and work.
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