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As the industry moves from a wellness focus to a wellbeing focus, understanding integrated data intelligence becomes even more important. This session will tell the story of how PSEG was able to move from a wellness to wellbeing culture using various sources of business data to drive focus and direction. PSEG enlisted Aon to develop a comprehensive, custom approach to data informatics that integrates multiple data sources to create a dynamic baseline of PSEG’s health, safety and risk, absence, productivity, and wellbeing experience. This approach has been named Health Intelligence on Demand (HIOD). In this session we will discuss:

  • How HIOD was customized for PSEG
  • How PSEG has used the information and findings to influence strategy, design, culture, environment and vendor focus
  • Why PSEG uses HIOD as a decision-making tool
  • How the optimal wellbeing metrics plan and the overall wellbeing composite metric were developed using data and information from HIOD
  • Examples of specific outcomes based on using data intelligence to drive direction and focus

The speakers will provide education, information and clear examples of program outcomes across health, absence, safety and productivity.

  • Majd Khabour, Assistant Vice President, Aon
  • Kathleen Kostecki, Health & Welfare Manager, PSEG
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