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This panel will be a future-focused exchange on the key leadership, talent management, health and financial practices that must be addressed in order for women to actively participate, advance and thrive in the workplace.

Disruption caused by technological advancements and a changing workforce is reshaping businesses and societies. Employers are adopting a variety of strategies to make the workplace more female-friendly, including the expansion of paid parental leave programs and efforts to reduce the pay equity gap. Those responses, motivated by innovation and optimism, define what it means to lead and thrive during such unprecedented times. Yet, the rate of female workforce participation is declining and the jobs traditionally held by women are being displaced.

Leaders and organizations must ask themselves are we making progress or noise? Have we been too focused on adding programs and benefits and as a consequence ignored what’s actually happening to women in today’s jobs, including their personal wellbeing? What does it take to turn opportunity into action? When will women thrive?

  • Lorna Friedman, Global Health Leader, Multinational Client Group, Mercer
  • Rhys Gwyn, Research Associate, Stanford Longevity Center, Stanford University
  • Pat Milligan, Global Leader, Multinational Client Group & When Women Thrive, Mercer
  • Sheilesha Willis, Ph.D., Senior Manager, Global Benefits, Total Rewards, AECOM
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